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Corporate Area

Laboratories Forenqui started its professional activities in the 80’s.

The professional team’s experience in the cosmetic sector meant the company progressed and grew quickly, firmly positioning itself in the market.

The competitive advantage that distinguishes Laboratorios Forenqui S.A is the concept of TOTAL QUALITY in all projects. Consumers and competitors alike agree that this is its main value.

The R and D department has the latest technologies, developing the most innovative products and processes that Laboratorios Forenqui make.

The products have a clear concept: Total Quality within consumer reach.

The aim is to place specialised cosmetics in every home, including hair and skin treatments and the most exclusive novelties.

This Total Quality concept is what helps it to excel and develop tendencies, new concepts as well as guaranteeing excellence in all its product lines.

The International area covers specific areas like North and Continental Africa, Europe, South America, Arabic Countries and Asia, being a high growth potential given the increase in commerce in these markets.

The Team at Laboratorios Forenqui S.A puts all of its efforts into fulfilling their objective: the trust and commitment of its clients to take to all homes the illusion, quality and efficiency of products that have their own hallmark.

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The Laboratorios Forenqui R+D+I department carries out an exhaustive task in Research, Development and Innovation of products that mark market trends, from the Instantaneous Biphasic Air-fresheners to the new Antioxidant Line of Products.

The Laboratory has the most advanced technologies and advances for its R+D+I tasks.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with constant training so that they are always up-to-date with new trends for our consumers.

An unarguable stamp: Making products with high quality components that realy work, even improving the most sophisticated formulas.

Therefore, we offer the Consumer Products and Services with our own stamp of Quality and Guarantee at a very competitive price within the reach of all consumers.

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The concept of quality is deeply rooted in Laboratorios Forenqui. Traditionally this concept has been abused, however, in the case of Laboratorios Forenqui, it is something that is really associated with its personality and essence

Laboratorios Forenqui, give the biggest part of its budget to this concept, to make products and innovations that really work, with exclusive formulas and at a Competitive Price.

For the same reason we do not go in for publicity investments in mass media, aiming our special promotions at the product and personalised campaigns in the different webs that our brands have. We want the consumer to be the beneficiary of this value, Reducing the price so that he/she gets a double benefit: Value and Price:

Therefore we can speak about

  • Environmental Quality: Commitment to “O” Dumping. We make products that respect our environment, without producing dumping, recycling and innovating materials that are less damaging for our surroundings.
  • Labour Quality: team is the main value of a company. Taking care of work and safety to get the best out of every person.
  • Service Quality: The attention and Service to customers, consumers, suppliers, after-sales service, is a daily challenge to always get the best results.
  • Quality: This is our main mission. To make products with quality, that really work, including the best components and innovations, so that the result is unique and exceptional.
  • Communication Quality: We have communication and promotion contact in the Network. There, our consumers can get information about everything, enjoy promotional advantages and exclusives in a personalised, efficient way.
  • Price Quality: Laboratorios Forenqui is committed to making high quality products at a very competitive price.

Downland Quality And
Environment Policy

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LABORATORIOS FORENQUI, S.A.Camino de la Coma, s/n. 46220 Picassent (Valencia) ESPAÑA
Tel.: +34 961 240 401. FAX: +34 961 233 643
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